Pampered Chef RockCrok Recipes - Midwest Goodness (2024)

Are you looking for Pampered Chef Rock Crok recipes? Do you have a Pampered Chef Rock Crok and are wondering what to do with it?

You are in the right place. I have used the Rock Crok many times for quick and healthy meals and I am eager to teach you where it can be used in the kitchen, how to clean it and how to make simple recipes that your family will love.

I will be covering all those things and more to help you use it several times a week. Read on for lots of ideas!

Pampered Chef RockCrok Recipes - Midwest Goodness (1)

My personal review: The Rock Crok has helped me get quick dinners on the table because it goes everywhere in the kitchen and then right into the dishwasher. I save $25-$40 every time I use it because it’s one more night we aren’t going out to eat (expensive) and I’m in control of the ingredients (which means way less salt and calories than restaurant meals).

How do you use the the Pampered Chef RockCrok?

You can use the RockCrok on several different heat surfaces for cooking:

  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Stovetop
  • Grill
  • Broiler

One thing to note: Always match the diameter of your Rock Crok to the diameter of your burner on your stove.

Also: There is no need to pre-season it before you cook with it.

To cook with it, preheat the Rock Crok on the stove top or the grill for 3-4 minutes over medium heat (do not use high heat as it takes on heat very well and will disperse the heat very evenly throughout the pot).

For microwave or broiler or oven cooking, there is no need to preheat the Rock Crok.

Can you use the Rock Crok on a glass-top stove?

Yes, it is safe to do that. I have a glass top stove and use it all the time. Just be sure to match the size of the burner to the size of the Rock Crok.

What can you cook in it?

You can cook many types of dishes in the Rock Crok. If you are used to making one-pot meals, casseroles, soups, chilis, stews, and even pasta dishes on the stovetop, you can make these in the Rock Crok easily. Just use the appropriate size for the recipe (the Rock Crok comes in 2.5 quart and 4 quart sizes).

Can the lid go in the oven?

Yes, it can go in the oven. However, it cannot be used with the broiler.

Can you boil water in the Rock Crok?

Yes, you can boil water in the Rock Crok for pasta. Only set the heat level to medium. The Rock Crok retains heat very well and can quickly get too hot if set on a higher temperature.

Can you use the Rock Crok on a grill?

Yes, it is safe to use on a grill. Just pre-heat the grill and the Rock Crok at the same time for 3-4 minutes before adding food to it.

Is the Rock Crok toxic?

No, it is not toxic. It is made from clay and glazed with food-safe materials.

My Rock Crok cracked, what do I do?

The Rock Crok is covered by a five year warranty by manufacturer defects. It is not covered if you drop it and it shatters. To check your warranty, you can call 1-888-OUR-CHEF for customer service.

Some things to note:

  • Thermal shock can happen if you take it from the freezer and put it in the oven or on the stovetop or in the microwave. The temperature change is too great. This would not be a covered warranty issue.
  • If you are preheating the Rock Crok longer than 3-4 minutes without food inside, you run the risk of it cracking due to the heat. Add the ingredients at the 3-4 minute mark.
  • Whenever you are cooking with the Rock Crok, be sure you have the surface covered at least ⅔ with food. If it isn’t, you run the risk of cracking because of an empty hot surface.

Pampered Chef RockCrok Recipe Ideas:

How can you make a whole chicken in the Rock Crok?

Yes! It’s called 30 Minute Chicken. Simply brush the outside of a whole chicken with canola oil and add seasonings as desired. Then place in the Rock Crok, breast-side up and microwave, uncovered, on HIGH for 25-30 minutes or until temperature of chicken reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are some easy Pampered Chef Rock Crok Recipes?

You can use the Rock Crok to make many types of recipes – be sure to head to my Freebies page to download a free one-week meal plan using the Rock Crok including:

  • Beef Stroganoff and Green Bean Casserole
  • One Pot Chicken Parmesan and Zucchini Noodles
  • Quick Chicken Fajitas
  • Cheesy Shells and Italian Sausage
  • Mexican Quinoa Bowl
  • You will also find meal planning templates inside to help you plan every week of meals!
Pampered Chef RockCrok Recipes - Midwest Goodness (2)

Other Pampered Chef RockCrok Recipes:

Just click the name of the recipe for a printable version.

Adobo Chicken Sandwich

Apple Spice Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce

Artichoke Dip

Pampered Chef RockCrok Recipes - Midwest Goodness (3)

Asian Chicken Ramen Soup

Baked Mac & Cheese with Shrimp

Banana Poke Cake

Braised Chicken with Root Vegetables

Bruschetta and Zucchini Pasta

Pampered Chef RockCrok Recipes - Midwest Goodness (4)

Cauliflower Potato Soup

Cauliflower Shepherd’s Pie

Cheeseburger Meatballs and Pasta

Chicken Pho

Chicken Pot Pie Chowder

Pampered Chef RockCrok Recipes - Midwest Goodness (5)

Easy No-Stir Risotto

Easy Twice-Baked Potato Casserole

Easy Weeknight Chili

Pampered Chef RockCrok Recipes - Midwest Goodness (6)

Kale Lentil Sausage Stew

Lemon Artichoke Pasta

Lemon Blueberry Cake

Mexican Street Corn Dip

Pampered Chef RockCrok Recipes - Midwest Goodness (7)

Moo Shoo Pork Wraps

One Pot Chicken Dinner

Overnight Steel-Cut Oats

Pizza Pasta

Rustic No-Knead Bread

Pampered Chef RockCrok Recipes - Midwest Goodness (8)

S’More Cake

Skinny Mac & Cheese

Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchilada Casserole

Pampered Chef RockCrok Recipes - Midwest Goodness (9)

Veggie Pesto Pasta

Cooking Demos of Pampered Chef Rock Crok Recipes:

Watch my recent recipe demonstrations to learn how to use the Rock Crok and see it in action:

Here’s how to make the Bruschetta Pasta with Zucchini and Chicken in the microwave:

Here’s how to make Garlic Parmesan Chicken with Cauliflower Mash

You can get the Rock Crok by shopping on my online Pampered Chef store.

So now you know how to use the Rock Crok, the cleaning instructions, my personal review and answers to your frequently asked questions. I hope this helps you use your Pampered Chef Rock Crok on a frequent basis. It really is a great tool.

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Affiliate links are included in this post to my personal Pampered Chef website. I am a consultant with Pampered Chef.

Pampered Chef RockCrok Recipes - Midwest Goodness (2024)


What can I cook in my Pampered Chef Rockcrok? ›

Ceramic cookware like the Rockcrok® Dutch Oven is durable and made for everyday use. You can boil pasta or brown meat in it or put it in the oven for roasts. It can also go on your grill for cookouts or in the microwave for fast, convenient cooking.

Can I use my Pampered Chef Rockcrok on the stove? ›


Takes the heat you dish out™! Pans are heat- resistant to 752°F (400˚C) — safe on gas, electric and flat-top stovetops, in the oven and microwave, under the broiler, even on gas and charcoal grills.

Can you boil water in a Rockcrok? ›

Calling our Rockcrok® Collection versatile is an understatement. It's made from durable, high-quality clay that's heat-safe to 752°F (400°C), so you can sear, braise, simmer, slow cook, fry, boil, bake, broil, microwave, and grill in one pan.

Can I put my Rockcrok in the dishwasher? ›

Move it between your freezer, microwave, stovetop, oven, broiler, grill, and slow cooker stand. Rockcroks are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean, so you can use them night after night without soaking them.

Is Rockcrok stovetop safe? ›

Yes! It's broiler safe, grill safe, stovetop safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe! It is microwave safe. Q: Are the glass lids on the Rockcrok guarenteed?

Can Rockcrok go from fridge to oven? ›

Great heat retention—food stays hot long after it's done cooking. Safe for the freezer. Goes right from the fridge to the heat. It's lightweight—a great alternative to cast-iron cookware.

Can you use Pampered Chef Rockcrok on open flame? ›

Because Rockcroks are heat-safe to 752°F, they can be used for searing, braising, simmering, slow cooking, frying, boiling, baking, broiling, microwaving, and grilling, even within a single recipe.

Do you use cooking spray on Pampered Chef stoneware? ›

As your Stoneware becomes increasingly seasoned, it forms a natural nonstick surface. The color of your Stoneware will also gradually change from its natural color to a deep brown over time. Seasoning progression may vary and is based on the types of foods prepared on your Stone. Do not use aerosol nonstick spray.

What is the maximum heat for Pampered Chef stoneware? ›

Stones are heat-safe and broiler-safe up to 550°F (287°C). Food must be 5 inches (13 cm) away from the heat source. Stones can be preheated with no food on them up to 500°F (260°C) for up to 30 minutes.

Can Pampered Chef Rockcrok go on BBQ? ›

The black glaze on a Rockcrok® allows it to go directly on heat sources like the stovetop or the grill and endure temperature fluctuations in the microwave. And, it won't show staining from higher heat sources like the grill.

Is Pampered Chef made in the USA or China? ›

While some products are indeed made right in the USA, others are sourced internationally. For instance, the well-known Pampered Chef stoneware is proudly manufactured in the USA. Meanwhile, other products like knives and some cooking tools are made in different parts of the world including Germany, China, and Taiwan.

How do you clean a Pampered Chef dish? ›

This latest partially glazed stoneware formula is dishwasher-safe, and can also be hand-washed with soap and warm water. Make sure all food remains are removed from your stone when washing, and thoroughly dry it before storing.

What happens if you put Pampered Chef stoneware in the dishwasher? ›

Stoneware will naturally season and develop a nonstick surface over time with use. Dishwashing will lengthen the amount of time to develop seasoning.

Can I put my Pampered Chef Dutch oven in the oven? ›

TO USE. Oven: Heat-safe up to 500°F (260°C). Stovetop use: Do not season with oil as you typically would with cast iron cookware.

What can you cook on Pampered Chef stoneware? ›

Share it on Instagram with the #howipamperedchef hashtag for a chance to be featured on our Pampered Chef Moments page.
  • Apple + Marionberry Crumble. ...
  • Cinnamon Rolls. ...
  • Oven-Baked Granola. ...
  • Homemade Baked Mac and Cheese. ...
  • Heart-Shaped Pizza. ...
  • Avocado Toasts With Smoked Salmon & Watermelon Radishes. ...
  • Margarita Pizza. ...
  • Flowered Handpies.
Feb 18, 2019

What to make on pampered chef stone? ›

Pampered Chef Stoneware Recipes
  1. Broccoli-Cheddar Chicken Nuggets. ...
  2. Roasted Vegetables. ...
  3. Ham 'N Eggs Brunch Braid. ...
  4. Katy Mullet - ...
  5. Pampered Chef egg stoneware. ...
  6. Pampered chef stoneware cooks food beautiful EVERY TIME!! Check out this BBQ chicken pizza.

What to cook on Pampered Chef grill? ›

The possibilities are endless—make burgers, chicken, veggies, pizza, stir-fries, and more. Breakfast is served! Cook up French toast, eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, and more.

Can you use Pam cooking spray on Pampered Chef stoneware? ›

As your Stoneware becomes increasingly seasoned, it forms a natural nonstick surface. The color of your Stoneware will also gradually change from its natural color to a deep brown over time. Seasoning progression may vary and is based on the types of foods prepared on your Stone. Do not use aerosol nonstick spray.


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