Sneaky Sasquatch Dynamite Locations (2024)

1. Demolition Duck | Sneaky Sasquatch Wiki - Fandom

  • It is located near a pond in the forest, south of the Scuba Diving Shop. Tips. It is recommended to use your first dynamite to open the ...

  • The 4 Demolition Ducks are prepared to demolish rocks to open shortcuts and new areas. You need to bring them Dynamite you receive from the Mushroom Hunter. They would only interact with Sasquatch after the Treasure Map piece in the Cave is found. Three of them are found along the River, and one at the Island. This duck opens a path between Sasquatch House (near the bear) and the river. Inspect the ruined River Dock near this duck to add it to the Construction Duck's projects. After you rebuild

2. How to Find Demolition Ducks and Dynamite in Sneaky Sasquatch

  • Sep 3, 2021 · You can get the dynamite by finishing the Mushroom Hunter quest. Find the Mushroom Hunter in his house by the river near the Marina, which you ...

  • Sneaky Sasquatch is better than ever after the latest update and the ever-expanding map! There are more quests to go on and hidden areas to uncover with the help of some Demolition Ducks.

3. How to Find Dynamite and Demolition Ducks in Sneaky Sasquatch

4. Where are the map pieces in Sneaky Sasquatch? All map piece locations

  • Jan 13, 2023 · You need to search for dynamite east from there, then return it to the cave-in and place the explosive on the crate. After that, go west until ...

  • Find the treasure to save the park.

5. Comment trouver des canards de dynamite et de démolition dans ...

  • Dec 20, 2022 · Être un Sasquatch est une chose. Dynamiser le monde grâce à des canards épris d'explosion en est une autre. Sneaky Sasquatch a su apporter ...

  • Faire exploser c'est mieux avec des canards. Image Via RAC7 Être un Sasquatch est une chose. Dynamiser le monde grâce à des canards épris d'explosion en est une

6. Bottom left piece? - Sneaky Sasquatch Answers for iPhone - iPad (iOS)

  • It's either the skiing race or the race car one. I already have the cave in which you need to blow the chest up with dynamite. Oct 17, 2019. 1.

  • I've done all the challenges already listed in the threads and can't find the bottom left!.., Sneaky Sasquatch Answers for the iPhone - iPad

7. Come trovare dinamite e anatre demolitrici in Sneaky Sasquatch

  • Dec 20, 2022 · Ecco come trovare Dynamite e Demolition Ducks in Sneaky Sasquatch. Come trovare la dinamite e le anatre da demolizione. Ora, essere in grado ...

  • Immagine tramite RAC7 Essere un Sasquatch è una cosa. Dinamizzare il mondo grazie alle anatre che amano le esplosioni è un altro. Sneaky Sasquatch ha saputo portare un contenuto del genere sugli schermi Apple. Sì, giocare su un dispositivo Mac o Apple è una cosa, e dobbiamo consegnarglielo. È un bel gioco, dopo tutto. Uno […]

8. Where to Find the Mushroom Hunter in Sneaky Sasquatch

  • Dec 30, 2022 · Once you have found all the mushrooms, the hunter will give you a stick of dynamite which you can use to create a quicker path to the cabin, ...

  • Where is the Mushroom Hunter? Sneaky Sasquatch needs to find this elusive forager to start a new quest... But where could they be?

9. Full Sneaky Sasquatch Map & All Locations - Twinfinite

  • Apr 15, 2024 · All Locations in Sneaky Sasquatch ; Ski Mountain Lake (Underwater), Mountain ; Ski Mountain Podium, Mountain ; Snow Rally Track, Mountain ; Snowball ...

  • Sneak all around the map

10. Sneaky Sasquatch : Sub Quests | Secret Caches, Digging Holes and ...

  • Sneaky Sasquatch - Sub Quests in Apple Arcade · Sub Quest - Do the Quests and Earn the Rewards!!! · All Red Boxes (Secret Cache) locations · Digging Hole Guide.

  • There are a lot of sub quest in Sneaky Sasquatch. Some of them give you cache to help you to speed up the process. Others may give you prize such as special objects or disguises. Secret Caches, Digging Holes, Fish Quest, Camera Clubs, Rabbit Races, Foxes Quests, Dynamic Ducks, Mushroom Hunts

Sneaky Sasquatch Dynamite Locations (2024)


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